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At the heart of Röhlig-Grindrod lies innovation, and we at Motsepe Advertising are proud to have contributed to the company's ever-evolving digital ecosystem. R-G's internal idea-generating tool, Youreka, allows staff to share innovative ideas on how to improve their services to clients. However, after the initial excitement around Youreka, interest began to wane. That's when we stepped in.

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Motsepe Advertising's efforts to enhance Adega's online presence extended beyond social media management. They also invited influencers to experience the restaurant and share their thoughts on social media, further amplifying Adega's reach and audience.

Capetown Tigers

Motsepe Advertising has successfully undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of Cape Town Tigers' social media platforms with the aim of enhancing their visual appeal and telling their unique story. The journey for Motsepe Advertising has been a challenging one, with the goal of growing Cape Town Tigers' following, building their audience, developing a corporate identity, and creating targeted campaigns, all within a limited budget.

Capetown Tigers Case Study.png

VNQ Systems

Motsepe Advertising created a podcast series on cyber security, featuring interviews with leading experts in the field. We also created a series of stunning digital social media artworks to promote the podcast and raise awareness about cyber security.

VNQ Case Study.png

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