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A new power move: sophistication, simplicity & storytelling 

In today's hyper-connected reality, consumers yearn for authenticity and emotional resonance in the content they consume. According to renowned leaders in the marketing and advertising industry, Motsepe Advertising, the real power to connect with your customers lies in storytelling, simplicity, and sophistication. “It's not just about brands wanting to connect with customers; it's a two-way street,” said Gee Motsepe managing director at Motsepe Advertising...  

Motsepe Advertising launches a campaign to harness the power of storytelling to elevate brands

Motsepe Advertising, a renowned leader in the marketing and advertising industry, is excited to announce the launch of its latest campaign, "Make Your Ads Great Again". This ground-breaking initiative is designed to revolutionise how brands connect with their customers by harnessing the power of storytelling...

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Motsepe Advertising partners with Röhlig-Grindrod to bring cheers to the kids at Coach for Mandela Day

Advertising pioneers Motsepe Advertising, in partnership with leading freight forwarding giant Röhlig-Grindrod, embraced the spirit of Mandela Day with a fun-filled day of magic, laughter and cheers at The Coalition of Anglican Children's Home (Coach). The event, held on Tuesday, 18 July 2023, brought about an invaluable experience and warmed the hearts of the local community...

CDA Solutions selects Motsepe Advertising for customised marketing solutions

CDA Solutions, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with Motsepe Advertising, a digital advertising leader specialising in turning advertising into compelling storytelling for client-consumer connections.

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Harnessing the power of the creative industry to tackle South Africa's alarming unemployment crisis

In the realm of South Africa, a nation grappling with the throes of an unprecedented unemployment crisis, an urgent quest presents itself.

Like a canvas yearning for colours to breathe life, or a symphony longing for melodies to reverberate, our economy cries out for unconventional solutions to counter the rampant social inequalities and economic stagnation.

Ready For a Career Launch? Motsepe Advertising's Internship Is Open

Attention all aspiring marketing mavens and ad wizards! Get ready to ignite your careers with a blast of energy, because Motsepe Advertising's Internship Programme applications are officially open...

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Client retention is a key strategy for business growth

Retaining clients is an essential part of running a successful business. It is often more cost-effective to retain existing customers/clients than to acquire new ones, and satisfied clients are also more likely to refer others to your business. Here are some tips on how to retain clients in any business...

Motsepe Advertising
celebrates its first birthday

Leading business-to-business advertising agency, Motsepe Advertising, celebrates a successful first birthday today, 1 September 2022. Under the leadership of marketing and communication gurus and power couple Gee and Boitumelo Motsepe, the business has grown from strength to strength, currently employing seven young, dynamic and super creative individuals...

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Spreading some colourful cheers this Mandela Day

In an effort to commemorate Nelson Mandela Day, B2B advertising pioneers Motsepe Advertising devoted their Monday to a colourful surprise and delightful day of fun, dancing, food, gardening and painting at The Coalition of Anglican Children's Home (COACH) in Kempton Park, Johannesburg...

Motsepe Advertising, a leader in B2B advertising

Born out of SA's leading lifestyle and entertainment PR agency, Motsepe Advertising is a leader in business-to-business advertising with a track record of putting women and youth at the helm of their brand story while simultaneously building business advantage and brand advocacy...


Motsepe takes on advertising with a new, fresh and dynamic business-to-business agency

Advertising and communication pioneer duo Gee and Boitumelo Motsepe build an agency that "will change the advertising and economic game for the betterment of this country". With a fundamental focus on Business-to-Business clients, Motsepe Advertising has taken off the ground quickly to add value to their clients and staff.

Motsepe Advertising gives back to destitute women and children

On Wednesday, 2 March, empowered B2B advertising agency, Motsepe Advertising took their first charity initiative to the heart of Johannesburg since its inception in September 2021. In a bid to celebrate six months of inclining success, the business-to-business leaders delivered food, toiletries and necessities to Frida Hartley Shelter, home of Yeoville's destitute women and children...


Working with us...

Together, let's unlock the full potential of your business and achieve greatness.

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