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Röhlig Grindrod

At the heart of Röhlig-Grindrod lies innovation, and we at Motsepe Advertising are proud to have contributed to the company's ever-evolving digital ecosystem. R-G's internal idea-generating tool, Youreka, allows staff to share innovative ideas on how to improve their services to clients. However, after the initial excitement around Youreka, interest began to wane. That's when we stepped in.


Our team of creatives and idea-generating experts worked to rebuild and relaunch the Youreka platform within the company. This included a modernized logo, fresh communication tools, and a rebuild of the Youreka site, bringing new life to the ideas developed by Röhlig-Grindrod champions.


Social media is crucial for Röhlig-Grindrod, not only to position themselves as a freight forwarding giant but also to connect with customers and generate leads. We stepped in and relaunched their social media platforms, bolstering their creative and copywriting marketing efforts. Our production team shot authentic photos and videos to keep the content genuine and engaging. Overall, our efforts have enhanced Röhlig-Grindrod's social media presence, ensuring timely and impactful content.

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